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Why plant new churches?

With resources already spread so thinly, and with so many churches needing revitalization, why plant new churches?

It’s easy to argue that church planting isn’t needed or that it shouldn’t be a priority. That argument fails to recognise the unusual effect of church planting. As Tim Keller has written: “the continued planting of healthy churches is the single most effective strategy for the numerical growth of God’s people.”

Our experience as Presbyterians confirms Keller’s observation. Consider these churches:

  • Cornerstone (Concord, Eastwood, Strathfield and Rhodes in Sydney)
  • New Life (Gungahlin and Harrison in the ACT)
  • Dubbo (now four congregations including the youngest, Night Church)
  • Southern Cross (East Lismore)
  • Grace (Newcastle).

All of them, through church planting, are growing as healthy churches and providing an encouraging influence on churches near and far.

We boldly support church planting because church planting reaches unreached people.

If your local church or presbytery wants to consider planting a new church or sponsoring a church plant, let us encourage you to take the first steps. A good place to start is by reading the 2008 Church Planting Report link to this downloadable doc on the resources page. Then talk to us: moates@pcnsw.org.au

PCP: Presbyterian Church Planting

PCP is a group of experienced church planters committed to seeing healthy new Presbyterian churches established across NSW and the ACT. It does that by:

  1. Publicising church planting
  2. Identifying potential church planters
  3. Matching planters with good potential church plants
  4. Facilitating healthy relationships between sponsor churches and new plants
  5. Providing resources for church planting
  6. Advising Ministry and Mission on the funding of new church plants

Initially drawn from the Ministry and Mission Committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW, the PCP team currently consists of Maurrie Cropper, John Irvin, John Macintyre (Convener), Matthew Oates, Jon Nuttal and elder Spencer Madrell.

If you have experience in church planting and think that you could make a valued contribution to the PCP team, please contact John Macintyre (john@gracepc.org.au).

Ministry & Mission

The Ministry and Mission Committee is the arm of the Presbyterian Church in NSW that facilitates church planting (among other things). Our network of roughly 300 churches stretches from the coast to Balranald, Condobolin, Wee Waa and Moree. We want to expand that. About half of our churches are in the metropolitan areas stretching from Newcastle through Sydney to Wollongong. We want to plant churches there, too. We see major priorities in Sydney’s North West and South West Growth Centres along with Western Newcastle, Hawkesbury Districts, and the Bankstown and Canterbury municipalities.

In order to understand the challenge of church planting, we commissioned a major report into Australian and overseas literature on church planting during 2008. Now we are implementing its recommendations and are much better placed to assess opportunities and promote effective outcomes while providing better support to church planting personnel.