What about me? Am I cut out for church planting?

What could be better than seeing a church growing where there was no church before?

Seeing that church growing through the attraction of unchurched people who come to put their faith in Jesus.

Too often, a church grows in one place because a church declines in a different place. Some churches grow merely by people transfers. But that doesn’t yield a nett increase in the number of people loving and following Jesus. Outsiders remain outside.

Church planting – the formation of new congregations by intentional engagement with unbelievers – has been shown over the long term to provide far greater opportunities to make contact with outsiders than the mere maintenance of existing, well-established ministries. For that reason, church planting is one of the most rewarding ministry experiences possible. Are you cut out for it?

Be warned – church planting is not for the faint-hearted. Exciting as it is, and as attractive as it might sound, it’s important for prospective planters to be reliably assessed and to take up the work only after careful consideration.

You could start your assessment journey by taking our online test .

If the web assessment encourages you to go further, perhaps you should take the next step by contacting Matthew Oates (moates@pcnsw.org.au) at Ministry & Mission

It’s likely we will encourage you to get a formal assessment with either The Geneva Push or City to City Australia.