Cornerstone, Homebush Bay


Cornerstone Homebush Bay began with a prayer driven vision to reach Rhodes and its surrounding suburbs. With three congregations already growing in numbers and readiness, the leadership of Cornerstone saw it fitting to plant a fourth congregation in one of Sydney’s fastest growing areas. Rhodes and Wentworth Point are the two fastest growing suburbs in the Homebush Bay region. In addition, suburbs like North Strathfield and Olympic Park are poised for rapid residential and commercial growth in the coming decade.

The fourth congregation met originally in Rhodes Community Centre, but in March 2016 God provided a new public school in Victoria Avenue Public School to meet on Sunday mornings. The newly appointed minister Daniel Au and his family of three small kids arrived in late April, to help carry forward the work of the gospel. The new location was re-labelled Cornerstone Homebush Bay.

Currently they meet on Sundays at 9:30am for a casual breakfast and prayer time before commencing the formal part of the service by singing together at 10am. The congregation is pastored by Dan Au as the minister and two elders, Ray and Geoff Lum Mow.

The feel of the congregation is contemporary, relaxed, Bible-centered and Jesus-focused. Since meeting as Cornerstone Homebush Bay, the congregation has doubled in size, consisting of a healthy number of young families, workers and retirees. The children’s program Ckids, has around 15 children with great potential to grow.

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November Update (2016)

Aside from doubling in size, church members have re-invigorated its energy to meet with others one on one to read the Bible and pray. There has been several who have joined who do not yet believe or are still yet to grasp the good news of Jesus truly in their hearts. One highlight was that one woman, introduced to us by a church member, committed her life to Jesus last September which was fantastic.

Our relationship with the school is growing in trust and practical help. There’s been opportunities to bless the school with an event they’ve run. We have also been granted permission to meet at Victoria Avenue Public School for our combined Christmas Eve Service.

This, plus an ever welcoming church environment means we are well placed to cultivate a culture of bringing anyone and everyone to hear the message of the gospel as we go out and live as salt and light to the community around us. Please pray that God will continue to call those who are His, into His Kingdom, through the faithful service He empowers us to do in His name.