Church Plant Funding Process

Process overview | Application | Church Planter Screening | Interviews | Recommendations

Process overview

A church plant application is required when a church is seeking funding from Ministry and Mission. If a proposed church plant does not need funding from the Ministry and Mission Committee, there is no obligation to complete an application. Some churches, however, may still want to go through the application process to gain an independent perspective on their strategy. The application asks the sort of questions that ought to be answered by any group prior to launching a new church. Importantly, the church plant application process will help the sponsoring church in its efforts to identify a capable and compatible church planter, who will, under God, have a greater likelihood of leading the new church to healthy maturity.


Application form

Click the application form button to download the word document form. When completed email your form to:

Church Planter Screening

The actual planter themselves is one of the most important parts in ensuring the success of a new church plant. It is therefore an essential part of our assessment process that the church planter has been screened and has received a positive recommendation. In the past, PCP conducted its own potential church planter screening. This is now out-sourced to The Geneva Push or to City to City Australia.

Sponsor and Planter Interviews

The interview gives opportunity for the PCP team to meet the sponsor and the potential church planter and make some assessment about how the ongoing relationship is likely to work. This is done only after the church planter has been screened.


PCP considers the application and makes one of three recommendations to Ministry and Mission which has the final authority in determining what funding it might apply to particular church plants:

Category 1     Approved and funding recommended.

Category 2     Approved but no funding recommended. (Applied where the church has not requested funding, where no funds are available, or where the planter has not been assessed in Category A (Suitable Potential Church Planter) through the personal church planter assessment process.)

Category 3     The church plant is not approved. Reasons may be given and this will help those making the proposal to shape any future approaches.