Church Planter Assessment Process


Church planter screening gives local churches greater confidence in selecting a pastor to lead a new church plant. Given the mistakes that have been made in the past and the crude caricatures of what a church planter is supposed to be like, it is good to know that Church Planter Assessment is now based on solid research both here in Australia and overseas. An overview of the process is found below.

Web Based Self-Assessment

This web based self assessment tool is a first step for anyone in training or ministry work who is considering whether they may be suited to leading a church planting team. It is based on self-assessment of actions and gifts against objective research findings. The score, at the end, places the interested person into one of 4 categories.

75-100: Potential Church Planter: You seem to match many of the qualities found in proven church planters. Be encouraged to further pursue a role in church planting.

60-74: Church Plant Team Member: You could be a vital team member of a church plant and could later re-investigate your suitability as a potential church planter.

40-59: Further Development: Talk to a leader in your life and seek out ministry opportunities that relate to church planting, which will give you further experience.

20-39: Other Ministries: Your gifts may be better expressed in other ministries.

If you score in the Potential Church Planter band then we encourage you to continue on to formal church planter assessment.

Formal Church Planter Assessment

Presbyterian Church Planting encourages potential church planters to be formally assessed by Geneva Push Network or City to City to assess potential planters. We encourage you to make contact with either of these networks to access not only Church Planter Assessment but the many other resources they make available to encourage church planting and planters.